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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And still we move forward

14 years ago, I tied the knot with a young lieutenant while she was stationed in Savannah, GA where I was living. At the time, all I could think of was marrying the girl of my dreams. Never did it occur to me that I'd be joining the Army family. And yet, 14 years later, here we are.

There have been lots of ups and downs over the years. 3 long deployments nearly knocked the wind out of my sails on a couple of occasions, and yet we kept on going. 4 children have added much joy to our lives, along with their share of trouble (!), and yet we've kept on going. 8 PCS moves in 14 years have created their own share of challenges and difficulties (along with a LONG list of items that have gotten broken along the way). And yet, through it all, we keep on going.
The years of this Army life have taught me so much about resiliency, about "soldiering on", about being there for those who are also dealing with deployments. I remember when my wife deployed to Afghanistan back in 2009. It was our first deployment with kids. I packed up our house and the kids and I moved to Savannah to hang with my folks for the year. I believed then that I needed the help, that I couldn't do this on my own. During that year, I learned that wasn't actually true. It turns out that I not only survived the deployment, I grew and changed for the better. So much so that when the next deployment hit us 9 months later, I didn't even consider moving back to Savannah again. I knew I was capable of handling everything by myself.

It's nice to look back over the years at what we've accomplished and what we've made it through. However, I generally only do that for very brief moments. I can't change what happened before, and, to tell the truth, I wouldn't change it if I could. No, I'm constantly looking forward, constantly moving forward. After all, my kids don't care about what my strategies for surviving a deployment were. They're more interested in what we're having for dinner, what we're doing this weekend, and, to a small extent, where we might end up with the next PCS move.

Sure, there've been some really unpleasant moments in dealing with this Army life. But, as with anything, you take the good with the bad and you keep moving forward. So... here's to the next decade (or more!) of Army life. Whatever it brings, we'll face it together and make the most of it.
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  1. Wow ... amazing sacrifices made indeed.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and may you be blessed always!

  2. Belated happy anniversary. I have known a lot of couples (not necessarily military couples) who are having a lot of problems even when they stay in one location and are always together. You and wife have been through a lot and your story is always inspiring. God bless always.